contact dermatitis fingers causes symptoms and treatment

Contact Dermatitis Fingers


After reviewing the causes of contact dermatitis, you have now discovered that you have contact dermatitis on your fingers, so now what? Contact dermatitis fingers is the the most common form of contact dermatitis. It is caused by allergic reaction to a substance you your fingers have come in contact with and is characterized by dry, itchy skin on and around your fingers.

Treatment for this type of dermatitis is tricky. Once contact dermatitis has developed in your fingers, your fingers will continue to be very sensitive to allergens from here on out. However, there are a number of preventive steps you can take to minimize the effects of contact dermatitis fingers.


This type of condition is typically characterized by dryness, itchiness, and pain in the fingers. If untreated, symptoms could become more serious, such as blistering, rashes, and open sores.  The most common location is on the or around the fingertips. This makes sense as your finger tips are your main contact points for touching the suspected allergen.


There are many possible causes of contact dermatitis fingers. However, the most common cause is an allergic reaction to a computer mouse or keyboard.  This is especially true for wireless keyboards and mouses. Pay close attention to the exact locations of irritation and dryness on your fingers, this will better help you narrow down which computer part is causing you problems.

contact dermatitis fingers

How Does This Happen?

Computer mouses and keyboards emit a very low level of heat while powered, especially wireless versions. This heat is constantly eroding the surface of your mouse/keyboard thereby transferring the surface on to your fingers. This process is a chronic process and could take months to develop. Therefore, if you notice an immediate contact dermatitis with a new mouse or keyboard, it is likely that you are simply allergic to a material that found its way on to your hardware from the factory or through the shipping process. If this is the case, a simple rinse of the hardware should correct this issue. If not, its time for a new mouse/keyboard.

Treatment for Contact Dermatitis Fingers

Unfortunately, once a sensitivity has developed, you will continue to suffer from mild dryness and itchiness from time to time. However, when managed correctly, your outbreaks will hardly be noticeable. First thing you want to do is to replace your mouse and/or keyboard. Don’t be fooled by big claims of “hypoallergenic keyboards and mouses’ as that type of hardware can set you back a couple 100 dollars. The only thing you will need is a silicon keyboard and/or mouse. The silicon hardware is waterproof and, in addition to being washable, prevents contaminants from making contact with your skin. Silicon keyboards and mouses can cost less than $20 and are readily available for purchase online.

In addition to continually washing your mouse and keyboard, be sure to wash your hands after using your computer as well. Avoid using alcohol based hand sanitizes as this could cause further aggravation. Additionally use a natural all-in-one moisturizer/anti-itch cream to soothe the affected area. This cream by Era Organics makes an excellent lotion for these purposes.

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